Despacho Ceremony

Do you want to jumpstart your vision? Do you want to add some serious fuel to your intentions? Is the Creative in you calling to be of service? A despacho or Andean prayer bundle may be the ceremony you are looking for.

What is a despacho?

A Despacho is an Andean prayer bundle similar to a mandala. It is a work of Sacred Art, borne of your deepest prayers and longings that you bring to your life.

despacho mesaIn Spanish, despacho literally means “dispatch or shipment”. We dispatch our prayers to Mother Earth, to the Sacred and to the Apus ( mountains ) with great respect and honor and ask that they be answered.

Each despacho is different, reflecting the intimate connection to the one who is offering prayer. Breath-taking in its physical beauty, a despacho ceremony is a journey to the soul of nature, an organic process where, in deep reverence, we offer our most heartfelt prayers for deep healing and a return to right relationship.

A despacho can be made for many different purposes; to honor a new home, a relationship, the under-taking of a business venture, a birthday, a wedding, a remembrance of a loved one who has passed. It is one of the most exquisite and powerful actions we can take as individuals to contribute not only for our personal healing, but for those we love, the global community and the Earth.

Creating a despacho offers you an opportunity to work with the Sacred. It’s a very organic and personal engagement that sets up a relationship with elemental forces that we rarely experience in our day to day lives A despacho is an external representation of prayer and is an immensely powerful way of looking to the energetic first for creation.

If you are serious about creating a new adventure, bring it to ceremony. Sacred ceremony is the most powerful way to breathe life into your dreams and visions. Creating a despacho requires skill and practice..

Clients have reported major shifts in their life, the manifestation of a new love relationship, improved relationships with family and friends, a great career opportunity, unexpected abundance, a shift in health. They are, without exception, deeply touched and grateful.

$185.00 includes materials and pre-consultation

If you are feeling called to this service and want to initiate a conversation to see if this is a good fit, or would like more information about despacho ceremonies, contact Suzannah at 828-450-4241.

Testimonials for Despacho Ceremonies:

“If you are wanting a powerful wise woman to guide you in creating a sacred offering- despacho, I highly recommend Suzannah Tebbe Davis. Suzannah brings high reverence and mystic wisdom while holding sacred space for the creation of your deepest intentions. She’s the real deal. I’m so grateful for her presence.”
–Krystal K., Acupuncturist & Yoga teacher

“The work I did with Suzannah to create a personal despacho before an important trip was powerfully healing and allowed me to set some clear, heart-centered intentions as I faced a big transition in my life and career. The whole process was both grounded and creative. I felt very connected to the elements and have continued to nurture that connection. Building the despacho also gave me some unexpected revelations about myself and my path forward. I know the work we did together allowed me to go away on my own and gain important insight into how I can achieve my own joy and live full of passion, while also being healthy and balanced emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.”
–Sarah, Web Designer and Digital Marketing educator