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“Embark on a personal journey to your core, discovering your deepest truths, identifying and clearing your major obstacles and feeling fully empowered and supported as you step into your awakened life.”

Suzannah Tebbe Davis at Nusta Karpay weekendSuzannah offers four different types of sessions:

Energy Medicine:

Energy Medicine is based on understanding the biophysics of the human body. The human energy field is an electromagnetic field that surrounds and  penetrates the physical body. A person’s energy field is influenced by interactions with other energy fields and can become congested, out of balance, and weakened in the process. Energy Medicine restores harmony and balance and brings the client into a position to self-heal.

Energy Medicine can be beneficial to those with chronic disease patterns or physical injuries. It can ease mental and emotional stresses, assist with major life transitions and bring clarity to those seeking spiritual awakening.  The benefits of a session include increased vitality and a greater sense of well-being and peace.

Shamanic Journeying:

In shamanic cosmology, there is a spiritual dimension that is invisible to the five senses, yet which profoundly affects our lives. The journeying process opens the gateway to this dimension. Through the guidance of the shaman, the recipient enters a light trance state, embarking on a adventure beyond the ordinary definition of reality. This experience allows for profound breakthroughs as the recipient has experiences beyond the scope of intellectual reasoning.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Mindfulness meditation is the practice of calming and stilling the mind, through bringing awareness to the breath and coming to the present moment. Learning to be present and to accept the perfection of each moment tremendously eases personal suffering and allows for a spaciousness that brings great wisdom and personal transformation.

Somatic Therapy:

Somatic therapy is the practice of tracking the interface between mind, body and Spirit. By calling attention to the response of the body to charged emotional content, the practitioner is able to guide the client to new ways of moving  and shifting  subconscious belief sets which are interfering with achieving ones highest destiny.

Initial Consultation Fee:  $120.00

This work is very organic in nature, so all four methods of sessions may used when working with clients over a period of time to accomplish the deepest shifts.  Suzannah offers $25 off the initial session when you sign up for her newsletter.

Here’s how it works:

  • First:
    We talk on the phone or Skype. We will have a conversation about what calls you to this work, and you will have the opportunity to ask any clarifying questions that arise.
  • Second:
    We schedule an initial session. I will send you an intake form prior to the session. At the first session we will review your intake information, gathering information about your history, goals, and desired outcomes. Together we enter into a shared vision of your deepest dreams.
  • Third:
    We agree on initial goals. You choose the frequency of your ongoing sessions. The work at each session arises from what presents itself to you in your life for healing and awakening. The focus of the session may address physical symptoms, beliefs and emotions, obstacles, spiritual awakenings or a combination of all three areas. You will be given individualized skill building techniques and follow-up practice. This process works best when there are regularly scheduled sessions over a set period of time, building energy towards your sustained success and healing.  Suzannah works with clients from across the country  via Skype and also in-person in Asheville, North Carolina.
For more information or to get started call 828-450-4241 or email Suzannah directly.

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