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thoughts on “Shamanic Ritual

  1. Rebecca Spivack

    Dear Suzannah, i can certainly relate to this and see myself in some it too. I especially like the metaphor of breath. I can feel you in your writing and it comes through loud and clear. I hope this new site brings you lots of opportunities to expand your practice. It seems that your are surrounded by a really supportive network of friends and colleagues. How wonderful!! Wishing you a happy joyful birthday, filled with love.
    All my best wishes,

  2. Lin Schaming

    At a retreat morning the other weekend, we spoke about how other languages have more poetry in them, which I understood to mean they better expressed soul. Your idea that English has become polluted is a signpost to changing that soul-less status–not by adding flowery words to make English a prettier language, but by taking away words that keep it from rising up.

  3. Denise Vanselow

    Yes! I agree, I will join you in this. My heart will benefit from using my words more consciously. <3

  4. Mattie Decker

    Thank you, and so beautiful to read now…entering mid November and feeling the shift in Earth and Heart and Soul…I am facilitating a “Quiet Day” on December 7, and will use and cite your words and hopefully help spread your word and work. I look forward to connecting with you.

  5. Sandy Macpherson-Tackett

    I have been deeply yearning for a sacred journey to Scotland for some time. I just saw your interview and now I absolutely desire to join you on your next journey to Scotland .