“If you suffer from fatigue, weight gain, depression or anxiety, Suzannah can help you not only to heal, but to stay well and be happy again.  I refer many of my patients to Suzannah for her expertise and excellent healing work.”

–Nikolas R. Hedberg, D.C., D.A.B.C.I.
Author of The Thyroid Alternative


“Suzannah has raised my awareness with immense spirit . She has been an invaluable teacher related to understanding body reactions from an energetic perspective and how mindfulness is required for manifestation.”
–Danny L, M.A. CRC, LPC


“Working with Suzannah allowed me to see a huge piece of myself that was holding me back emotionally and physically.  With the issue understood, it has been actually fun dealing with it when it comes up. I am much happier and healthier than ever before.  She is a most gifted healer.”
–Marsha J, Teacher


“Suzannah’s expertise, knowledge and skills have offered me healing on many levels. Suzannah is intuitive and highly trained in energy work and my life has been enriched by the healing she shares so expertly.”
–Mollie M, LCSW


“Suzannah’s work is straight from the heart, compassionate, skillful and wise. She is centered, clear and calm, with the presence of a divine Mother.”
–Anodea Judith, Author of Wheels of Life, Eastern Body Western Mind, Waking the Global Heart


“I have attended many different workshops, events and ceremonies and I usually come away thinking about unmet expectations….. I have absolutely no comment whatsoever other than THANK YOU! The timing of the day was perfect. The Sacred Space you created is magical. What a gift, I truly am grateful.”
–Joni S, Artist


“Your therapy is the only therapy I’ve ever experienced that had truly lasting benefits, in that it changed radically how I deal with emotions and thoughts and sensing my own presence and body. Merely placing the feelings in my body and dealing with it as a manifestation in a physical sense has done wonders for me, and allowed me to embrace so many things, most of them wonderful! So thank you…”
–Sha L, University Professor


“I have been having anxiety attacks and have forgotten how to breathe….Ahhh, great presentation and THANK YOU
–Karen F, Manager Peer Counselor Program


“Working with Suzannah has been a wonderful blessing in my life. Her wise woman presence, energy, and support guided me to new avenues to heal my anxiety for which I am deeply grateful. Her knowledge is vast, her guidance… powerful and her presence … nurturing and caring. The combination of these creates a safe, welcoming place to open and heal. I always feel blessed to be working with Suzannah and avail myself of her wisdom.”
–Michele B., Writer


“Just a note to tell you how much I enjoyed our session. You are totally unbelievable!!! I cannot ever remember talking with such an insightful and understanding person before.  You totally “got me” immediately!!! Can’t wait to come back!!!!!!”
–Marey C, Office Executive