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Honor The Feminine Podcast

Honor the Feminine podcast episode 39 Honor the Feminine is a website with podcast shows featuring Shannon Ledford interviewing various guests (male and female). The Honor the Feminine Podcast is about healing the old wounds that many of us carry and highlighting the amazing people, especially women, in their life & stories around sisterhood & the wisdom of their intuition and how they nurture their relationship with the feminine.

In this Episode, #39, Suzannah interviews with Shannon about shamanic energy medicine and living from the heart.

Listen to the Podcast by clicking HERE.

Show Notes:

Suzannah Tebbe Davis is a shamanic energy medicine woman. She offers over two decades of experience with a diverse blend of mind/body/spirit wisdom teachings and Western theoretical practices, including Andean Shamanism, Energy Medicine and Buddhist mindfulness principles.

Through her personal spiritual practice and studies with a number of Q’ero ( Andean ) medicine men and women, Suzannah embraces a fundamental wisdom teaching of the Inkan people; that we are born into a world of Living Energy, the Kawsay Pacha, which is populated by Spirit. When we live from our hearts, we have full access to all of this living wisdom . Suzannah feels privileged to share these sacred teachings and ceremonies with her clients and students as a way for them to fully awaken to their Soul purpose.