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Cosmic baby floating in space before the tree of life on top of Earth

Reclaiming Our Birth

Cosmic baby floating in space before the tree of life on top of EarthThe intensity of the times we find ourselves in is akin to the birthing process. There is an increasing intensity of contraction, interspersed with evolutionary expansion.

Descending through the planetary birth canal we come to the moment that we reach the precipice, gaze out and in that moment, remember why we came here and who we really are. In awe we ask- Is it possible that this extraordinary brilliance is my true self? In terror we ask – Is it possible that I can accept the immensity of why I am here?

Why is this mass awakening, this cosmic rebirthing occurring now? The indigenous ones offer us a perspective that is foreign to our western paradigm. According to Incan prophecy, we are in the midst of a Pachakuti, an overturning of the space time continuum. Each Pachakuti lasts about 500 years. The Pachakuti we are experiencing at this time will set the world right-side up and return us to a golden era. The prophecy speaks to the tumultuous nature of our current world, in particular the environmental destruction of the earth, transforming and returning to one of balance, harmony, and sustainability. This Pachakuti heralds the death of an old way of thinking about the world in which we live and an elevation to a higher state of consciousness. In this way, we can describe ourselves not only as who we are or were, but who we are becoming, which is called the Taripay Pacha, the age of knowing ourselves again.

How did we forget who we truly are and how can we reclaim this? Reflecting back to our physical birth, we can again source from the wisdom of the Q’ero, the direct descendants of the Incans.

The Q’ero believe that in addition to a physical birth mother and birth father, we have a spiritual mother, a spiritual father and a guiding star. Our Spirit enters the earth plane through a cosmic doorway—a star. That star is our guiding star, connected to us always. Don Mariano Quispe, a medicine elder of the Q’ero lineage, shares that our inner stars are connected to our souls and link us with the kawsay pacha , the world of living energy, and with the cosmos. Each of our inner stars holds information about where we came from and where we are going. These inner stars are guiding lights, illuminating the pathways of our souls from the past (as informed by our biological lineages and by our past lifetimes) through the present and into the future.

When Carl Sagan posited that ‘we are made of star-stuff’ he meant that all the elements on Earth were once produced in the heart of stars before being flung out into the universe in giant supernovae. Almost every element on Earth was formed at the heart of a star. As we are conceived, we contain all of the elements of star stuff, replete with our guiding light.

Our spiritual father is the mountain nearest to the place where we shed our first blood. Our spiritual mother is the body of water nearest to the place where we shed our first blood.

Floating in the womb of our biological mother, we are nurtured throughout our gestation, perfectly harmonized with all of the elements- digestion: fire; breath: wind; sound: our mother’s heartbeat, water: blood; earth: our mother’s body; stars: our essence.

Contractions begin and we make our physical passage into the outer world. Only 1.5% of all births in the U.S. occur at home. Most of us emerge into the landscape of the hospital. Within our first moments of arrival, we encounter the place where our first blood is shed. Our umbilical cords are cut. This act is performed by a doctor, not a village medicine person or a family member. We are greeted by artificial lights, concrete walls, chemically treated water, filtered air, masks and sterile instruments, cell phones to record our first moments. No earth, no sky, no sun, no moon, no stars, no rivers, no birds welcoming us with song; no trees, no wind. We are cut off from nature. And, increasingly that is how our lives evolve.

Never having been introduced to our spiritual mothers and fathers or our guiding star, who would initiate us and guide us, we become orphans of the earth. We are separated from our innate wisdom. We contract spiritual amnesia, forget who we really are and what our place is within the world of living energy. This one simple cut, severing our cord, the energetic connection to our power and our connection to the sacred, and we are lost It is no wonder that this unconscious act is so widespread in our western culture that the Q’ero believe that we suffer from a collective soul loss.

We lose our wisdom and become enslaved by artificial intelligence born of this age of technology. Longing for true connection, we attempt to replace the umbilical cord with electrical cords, the waters of our mother with indoor plumbing and chemically treated water, the luminosity of our guiding star with a computer or phone screen.

Our time of reckoning is here. Our birth contractions are too strong to postpone. If we can summon all of our courage and make the conscious decision to cut our energetic umbilicus from the web of artificial intelligence and midwife our souls into full embodiment, only then can the Earth shine with the luminosity of the stars that are us so that we all may heal and fulfill our collective destiny.