Are you looking to receive individualized attention and support in order to gain knowledge and skills about energy medicine? Are you looking to clarify and step into your authentic life path? Do you want to expand your techniques in serving clients, family, friends? Suzannah now offers one on one mentoring services.

spiritual mentoring image of hands exchanging lightWe live in momentous times. Our planet and its inhabitants are crying out for our unconditional love, conscious presence and service. We cannot afford to coast through our lives and avoid the places that make us uncomfortable, our growth edges. There is a unique reason that each of us are here. We have a destiny to fulfill and Spirit will come calling to remind us of that responsibility. When we reply, “Yes, I am ready,” teachers appear to support and guide us.

Suzannah Tebbe Davis at Nusta Karpay weekend

I have received a strong Spirit call to begin offering Mentoring Services. I have engaged in a great deal of study and personal growth work over the years, affecting social change, building a private practice and teaching, leading retreats. No longer enough, I was told. You must offer all that you have learned to individual students, who require this guidance in order to step fully into their authentic life purpose.

A mentoring relationship is a sacred one. It requires that we enter into a deep and radically honest conversation which originates from the heart. Your responsibility is to stay awake to the reason you are being called to the medicine path and to do your work.

My commitment to you is to show up fully, to call in Spirit with you, to create Sacred Space, to serve as guide and space holder, and to be impeccable in my role as teacher.

Together, engaging in Sacred Prayer, making offerings, calling in the ancestors, working with the mesa, co-creating ceremony, journeying, shape-shifting, understanding and practicing the principles of energy medicine, and flowing with whatever arises, we will navigate the path Spirit through non-ordinary states of reality.

Why Should I apply for Mentoring Services?

  • To learn foundational principles of the chakra system, shamanic medicine and mindfulness
  • To learn how to open and hold Sacred Space
  • To improve your skill in treating clients
  • To deepen your personal spiritual practice
  • To heal your relationship with the Ancestors
  • To enter fully into your authentic life path

Due to the intense nature of this work, I am only able accept a limited number of individuals to receive this service.

Once you decide to make a formal request, you will receive an inquiry sheet with questions and information about the inquiry process. Should you be accepted as a student, there will be a series of four two hour sessions offered over the course of four months which will be individualized to your personal needs. Between each session there will be one fifteen minute phone conversation.

Mentoring Services Package:
Four two hour sessions and four 15 minute phone check-ins
Cost: $520.00

If you are feeling called to this service and want to initiate a conversation to see if this is a good fit, contact Suzannah at 828-450-4241.