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Does the energy in your home or place of business feel off? Do you feel uncomfortable entering certain rooms? Have there been traumatic events you are aware of which occurred there? Are you or someone in your family experiencing non-specific anxiety, sleep disruption, a sense of malaise, a feeling that you are not alone? Do your pets seem to be agitated without visible cause? Do your children report that they feel uncomfortable or see visions?

If any of the above scenarios resonate with you, a clearing can provide a profound shift. There is a history related to the land and the structures where we live and work. Here, in the stream of timelessness, unresolved stories, secrets, deep generational wounding, as well as love, celebration and grace reside. Disruptive and un-serving energies, left unattended, can fester and cause deep imbalances.

An energetic clearing can be compared to a deep house cleaning. When the windows are dirty, you can’t see clearly. If rooms and closets are cluttered there is no room for new energy to flow. A leak can progress to more substantial foundational damage.

Workplaces can be even more complex dependent on the history of the building, the land it was built on, the number of employees, customers, and the company culture. Have you ever known of a building where every business that has come in fails or where there is constant employee turnover? These are prime examples of a space in need of a clearing.

Simply saging or lighting a candle is not enough to clear a space. I have learned ancient clearing techniques from the indigenous medicine men and women of Peru, which restore harmony, peace and flow and allow un-serving Spirits the opportunity to return to Source. I consider the opportunity to engage in a space clearing a deep honor. I always feel the gratitude of the Spirits who have been caught there, the gift of seeing the relationship between the space and its occupants transform and heal.

House and Land Clearing Services

Initial consultation: We discuss the history of the space to be cleared, current issues, size of the space, any precipitating factors and your desired outcome.

The Ceremony:

All land clearing ceremonies are personalized based on the initial consultation. You may choose to be present at the clearing ceremony or not.


Following the clearing, I will share my experience with you and offer ways that you can continue the healing process.


Clients report that their homes feel lighter, happier. They are more productive, more focused, more on track. Their children report an increased feeling of safety and support. Even their pets act differently. The entire relationship shifts and becomes spacious and uplifting.

Duration: 2 -4 hours
Cost: $250.00 including materials.

If you are feeling called to this service and want to initiate a conversation to see if this is a good fit, contact Suzannah at 828-450-4241.

Testimonials for land clearings

“Suzannah is the ultimate healer. Her deep calm and authority inform the body of her work as a shaman. The clearing/blessing she offered for my old farmhouse–lived in by many generations–brought a fresh aspect to my adopted home. I’m deeply grateful. She is clear, directed and, yes, a force to be reckoned with.”
–Judith T, Buddhist Mindfulness teacher, Narrow Ridge, Tennessee

“The home we’ve lived in for the last decade is over one hundred years old and has always had a depressed energy that — despite the joy we’ve generated as a family over the years — we were never able to completely transform. No matter what we did, we felt there was a sad, neglected energy that just hovered, like a fog in our midst. Suzannah approached both our home and our family with deep sensitivity, compassion, and respect. Her work transformed the energy and released the spirits that were caught up in our home. She was able to do in a few hours what we were unable to do in a decade. We are forever grateful for her vision, her spirit and clarity. ❤
–Lauren R, Author