My Approach


suzannah-ceremonySuzannah brings your awareness to long standing patterns of disruption in your life, then clears them, freeing you to embrace your life in a new and exciting way.

As we journey through our lives we encounter a variety of events, pleasant, neutral and unpleasant. We make meaning of these experiences by creating personal stories, complete with heroes, villains, and victims.  We forget that we are the creators of our stories and that we have the power to change our responses and outcome. So we move along the highway of life without a map, a compass or a guide. We get lost. And because we have no resources, our primitive brain kicks in and we react from a place of fear.

Since we have forgotten our role as creator, we respond in predictable ways, recreating the same worn chapter again and again. These patterns of responses become embedded as the default operating system in our physical, emotional and energy bodies.  We are stuck.

Remember the movie Groundhog Day?  Every day, the main character awakens to the same story and try as he may, he cannot escape, until he remembers who he really is and what is really important to him.

To be healthy and to be happy, to live an Awakened Life, means that we pay attention to and care for all aspects of ourselves. We must learn the language of physical, emotional , spiritual and energetic symptomatology.  It’s like going to an auto mechanic when you have a leak in your radiator and asking him to add coolant. The core problem goes unaddressed until the automobile overheats and the engine explodes. We have failed to pay attention to the check engine light.

Our check engine light, or wake-up call, may come in the form of a job loss, a miscarriage, a divorce, a health crisis, a crisis of faith. No matter what the form, these experiences will take root in your muscles, bones, brain, cellular memory, repeating again and again until you awaken to the deeper meaning.  I have been trained in recognizing and interpreting these experiences and have learned the tools and techniques which are imperative for your transformation.

If you resonate with this story, there is a call that you are hearing.  It is the call to awaken to your Authentic Life Purpose. Will you take this opportunity to answer it?

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