Cahokia Mounds

Sacred Activism, Bhakti Share and Land Honoring

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Date(s) - 04/14/2016
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Cahokia Mounds World Heritage Site
Collinsville, Illinois

Cahokia Mounds

Join Sheila Fazio Pride, National Educator and Holistic Therapsit and Suzannah Tebbe Davis, Shamanic Energy Medicine Woman for an evening of intentional yoga, shamanic healing and honoring of the sacred land of the Cahokia Mounds.

The Cahokia mounds are the United State’s version of the Great Mayan Temples of Mexico and hav been designated as a world heritage site of the United Nations.

Through intentional yoga and Andean land healing ceremony we will honor the land ancestors, Spirit Keepers of Cahokia Mounds and our respective ancestors. Together we will creatie a sacred grid which will clear the energy of the land and connect it with the 12 sacred mountains of Peru.

The healing of the mounds deepens previous healings and opens us to wider tribal connection and offers us an opportunity to heal in sacred community. Collecitvely, in sacred ceremony, we will help to clear the imprints of deep assault of the sacred land from violence, ill will, slavery and the tarnishing of our land. We will apologize and offer our blessings to panchu mama, our beloved mother earth.

By activating the Mounds we deepen our own relationship with it as a living spiritual guide that brings great healing power and energy.

Sheila Pride will lead a bhakti devotional yoga practice honoring mother earth and our own capacity to create love in the world.

We will join together as ayllu-sacred community, holding space for sharing our hearts through poetry, song, spoken word, drumming dance and more.

If you have interested in learning shamanic ceremony this a beautiful introduction and a great time to learn. Land Honoring is a foundational practice of the Incans. Suzannah is only here for a few days and will return to Ashville after the Sacred Actvism Retreat.

For the Ceremony:

Please bring:

  1. 1. A flower for a living or deceased loved one you’d like to honor
  2. (red, yellow or white preferred)
  3. 2. Ceremonial sage, corn, tobacco and sacred herbs (optional)
  1. 1. Drum, rattles, bells or other instrument that you may wish to play in the group ceremony or for your personal share. Sheila will have a harmonium.
  2. 2. yoga mat and water bottle if you want
  3. 3. Insect repellant may be advisable

We will gather at the Parking lot at 5:30 and proceed in sacred silence.

Donation: $5 per person reccomended. Funds will be given to Cahokia Mounds.