Nusta Karpay: Awakening and Healing the Divine Feminine with Ellen Kittredge and Suzannah Tebbe Davis

Nusta Karpay: Awakening & Healing the Divine Feminine – SOLD OUT

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Date(s) - 11/18/2016 - 11/20/2016
All Day

Laughing Waters Retreat Center
Gerton, NC

November Nusta Workshop Sold Out.

Second Offering of this Workshop! November 18th – 20th, 2016. 
Nusta Karpays Awakening the Divine Feminine November 2016 flyer

Nusta Karpay: Awakening and Healing the Divine Feminine

With Ellen Kittredge and Suzannah Tebbe Davis


The beautiful Laughing Waters Retreat Center in Gerton NC (1/2 hour from downtown Asheville)


Friday November 18th, 1pm – 9pm
Saturday November 19th, 9am – 9:30 pm
Sunday, November 20th, 9am – 5pm

Q’ero medicine men and women

Kanchis Nusta Karpay are Quechua words meaning Seven Goddess Initiations. These beautiful and authentic initiations were first brought to North America in 2010 by don Mariano Quispe, elder medicine man of the Q’ero Nation from the high Andes of Peru.

These ancient rites, whose wisdom and guidance emanate from the power spots in Peru where each goddess resides, are a gift from the Q’ero medicine men and women who were instructed to introduce the Nustas to the West in order to support the return of the Divine Feminine to her rightful place of sacred balance with the Divine Masculine. It is their deep understanding that in order to bring harmony and balance back to our Mother Earth, we need to bring ourselves back in harmony with her and the Sacred Feminine. The transmission of the Nusta rites instills deep healing and connection with your Sacred Purpose. These transmissions are meant for men and women, as we all carry the dormant seeds of the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine within us.

As you enter into sacred relationship with the Nustas through receiving these initiations you will:gaia-300px-left

  • Balance and Harmonize your Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine Energies
  • Open your Heart and Soften your Ego
  • Accelerate your Healing Process and Transform old Wounds
  • Elevate your Energy Field
  • Ignite your Inner Goddess
  • Open to Deep Love and Sublime Bliss
  • Become a Sacred Activist for Planetary Renewal


$285 before October 31st (Early Bird Special!)
$325 after October 31st

donamujearites816-smRegister soon, spaces are limited!

Prefer to pay via check or cash? Want to attend but need to make payments in installments? Please contact Ellen at, or call her at 202-577-1940 to discuss other payment options.

All program materials, coffee, tea, water, and a nutritious meal on Friday and Saturday nights are included. Please bring your own lunch and snacks for Saturday and Sunday.


The pricing for accommodations for the Nusta Workshop is different than what is listed on Laughing Waters website. A variety of accommodations from private or shared bedrooms to communal floor sleeping space to camping, are available at Laughing Waters. Communal sleeping space is free. Bedroom/camping options range in pricing. Please email Ellen at, or call her at 202-577-1940 to arrange accommodations.


What are the Nusta Karpay?

Nusta Karpay are sacred initiations of the Q’ero Nation of Peru. These exquisite rites were first offered in North America in 2010 by Don Mariano Quispe, elder and visionary of the Q’ero Nation.

“Nusta” is Quechua for “Goddess/Priestess”. “Karpay” is Quechua for “rites”.

The Nusta Karpay consist of 7 ceremonial initiations that are connected to 7 Feminine Places of Power in Peru. These rites bring healing for Mother Earth and restore balance to those who receive them. Each rite speaks to an elemental aspect within ourselves that is calling for wholeness.

Why Receive these Rites? What are the Benefits?

Suitable for both beginners and those who are more advanced in their healing paths, this workshop offers a unique opportunity to transform life on an individual and collective level.

heart-daspachoThe Nusta initiations offer a heart-centered way of living and support us in opening to our true potential and capacity to love and live fully in the moment.  The Nusta Karpay are for men and women who are feeling the call to heal more deeply, come into balance in their inner and outer world, and transform their lives. During this weekend intensive, you will receive sacred teachings about the Nustas, the seven individual initiations/rites, and participate in sacred ceremony with a community of like-minded souls.

Direct benefits include a heightening of intuitive abilities, a new appreciation and relationship to Nature, a capacity to love more fully and live from the heart, a healing of old wounds and self-destructive behaviors, a liberation of one’s true voice, a reduction in toxic emotions such as fear, guilt, and shame, a clearing of unhealthy ancestral lineage patterns, and an awakening to joy, purpose and passion.

Suzannah in front of flower daspacho altarParticipants will come away with a deeper sense of themselves and a potent set of practices, including power objects connecting you directly to the work that will support your integration and continued growth.

About the Q’ero and Inca Cosmology

The Q’ero are an Andean community of people considered to be the direct descendants of the Inca.  The Inca made up the largest empire in pre-Columbian America.  For many generations, the Q’ero have served as the caretakers of the rites and prophecies of their Inca ancestors.

For 500 years the Q’ero elders have preserved a sacred prophecy of great change, in which the world would be turned right-side-up, harmony and order would be restored, and chaos and disorder end.  Until 2009 the Nusta Initiations were shared solely within the Q’ero community.  It is only within these last 6 years that the Q’ero medicine men and women were spiritually guided to offer these rites to the Western world.

What past Nusta workshop participants have to say:

“The Nusta Karpay gathering and workshop is a beautiful guided experience. Ellen Kittredge and Suzannah Tebbe Davis are deeply attuned to their own loving hearts and bring intuitive wisdom, deep presence, unhurried attention, in union with ayni (sacred reciprocity) and in unison with each individual as well as the collective group. 

The transmission of the sacred wisdom of the Divine Feminine are Peruvian Rites of passage, awakening the sense of Mother Nature and all of her Relations, connecting us to our own heart and the One Heart as we traverse the valleys and mountains of our own paths. This was a powerful ceremony of ritual, touching esoteric and visceral levels of our humanity and our cosmic heritage…a blessing of many colorful folds.” – HB, Georgia

“Ellen and Suzannah are clearly passionate about and inspired by their work and relationship with the Nustas. They are both incredibly knowledgeable and hold a safe and loving container for the initiations and teachings to blossom. They flowed through the weekend effortlessly and complement and support each others teaching styles. Can’t wait for more offerings!” – Elaine M, Georgia

“ The receipt of the Nusta Karpay rites has been the great integrator of the wisdom teachings I have received over the years. Their wise and dynamic counsel guide me in meditation and action, always from the heart.” – BS

“ Of all the teachings and paths I have followed over the years, the Nusta Karpay rites have powerfully ignited my soul and propelled me into action from a heart based approach” – KH

“The Nusta Karpays has been the most glorious and loving experience for me, and I’ve had many others … I’m certain that I’m stepping into the world with a more pure and powerful medicine as a woman, as a global citizen and as a healer.” – AG

Ellen Kittredge and Suzannah Tebbe Davis

About the facilitators:

Suzannah Tebbe Davis: Is a Shamanic Energy Medicine woman who has maintained an active energy medicine practice for over 15 years. Her background includes an undergraduate degree in psychology, masters level work in Social Work, two decades of advanced leadership roles within the field of health and human services, advanced training in healing touch, graduate of the Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences, based on the work of Barbara Brennan, graduate of Sacred Centers, the work of Anodea Judith, a graduate of the Four Winds Society, and received ordination in the five precepts of the Theravada Buddhist lineage. She has been actively studying with several indigenous high wisdom teachers for the past five years and has received key initiation rites from them. For further information about Suzannah please go to

Ellen Kittredge, CHC: is a Nutrition Counselor, Minister, Energy Healer and Shamanic Practitioner. Ellen works holistically with her clients to provide healing at all levels of their being (physical, emotional, and spiritual).

Ellen’s trainings include: Institute for Integrative Nutrition 2 Year Health Coaching Certification, Institute for the Psychology of Eating Coaching Certification, Ordination as a Minister of Walking Prayer through the Center for Sacred Studies two-year Ministerial Training Program, and extensive study over the last 5 years in indigenous Andean healing modalities.

As part of her training in Andean healing modalities she has received several transformative initiations/rites from her teachers along the high Andes Paqokuna path, including the Pleiadian Rites, the Nusta Rites and the Hatun Karpay.

Ellen regularly leads earth honoring ceremonies in her home area of Asheville as well as around the country. For the past two years she has been co-teaching a Peruvian-base Shamanic Healing Intensive through the Eagle Condor Council.

Ellen uses healing foods, lifestyle coaching, energy clearing techniques, spiritual counseling, shamanic healing techniques and a variety of other tools in her individualized approach to creating optimal health for her clients.  Ellen has a deep passion for her own personal transformation, as well as that of her clients.

Prefer to pay via check or cash? Want to attend but need to make payments in installments? Please contact Ellen at, or call her at 202-577-1940 to discuss other payment options.All program materials, coffee, tea, water, and a nutritious meal on Friday and Saturday nights are included. Please bring your own lunch and snacks for Saturday and Sunday.