This life is about waking up from the dream. It is 3:33 am. I awaken from a most powerful dream about coming to the crossroads. My Brother Jim and my husband Tebbe are there I go outside to sit by the moon, now occluded by the clouds of the approaching rain. The smell of smoke from last nite’s fire and the alchemy which it has ignited within me course through me.

Last night I stood in circle around the fire with brothers and sisters from all nations. On the top of a knoll, surrounded by our beloved apus, our beloved mountains, a single hawk circles to herald our arrival. One by one we come, about one hundred in all, waiting to be smudged , then entering this circle to join in ceremony to bless this medicine space , newly co-created by Kevin and John, to divest ourselves of what we no longer need, to leave it at sacred fire, as an offering of our awakening.

The elders lead us in ceremony. One by one they come to the fire to make their offerings – the Hopi, the Cherokee, the Daoists, the Tibetans, the Q’ero, the Pachakuti Mesa, the keepers of Plant Spirit Medicine, the Celtic, the All. And then we are invited to come to the fire, to offer our individual prayer bundles and to feed our Spirits from the great Fire.

The smoke clings to my Soul, my imaginal cells course with alchemical shift that has occurred. Together as we awaken, we dream the world into Being again. In peace, in understanding, in reverence. In remembrance. In honor of the Dreamkeepers.


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