About Suzannah

Suzannah Tebbe Davis, Shaman, in PeruSuzannah is a contemporary medicine woman who creates sacred space for her clients where they can discover and embrace their unique life purpose.

Growing up by the Atlantic Ocean, Suzannah spent hours as a child exploring the mysteries of the sea. The magical experience of riding the waves, fearlessly diving into deep waters and finding hidden treasures captivated her attention and became a metaphor for navigating the waters of the subconscious to reveal the Soul’s longing and the capacity to heal.

A pivotal life event for Suzannah unfolded when she embarked on a personal vision quest, taking a 4 ½ month road trip across the United States, leaving her career, friends and family to seek her destiny. During this journey she became a seasoned camper, maintained a personal yoga and meditation practice, and studied ancient world healing meditations, a skill that would propel her onto her healing path some years later when her mother was in a devastating automobile accident, leaving her in a coma for 12 weeks. Suzannah sat by her mother’s bedside for hours each day, administering these ancient healing meditation and watching as her mother’s body healed at an astonishing rate.

Suzannah became intrigued by the possibility that all individuals could heal from physical, emotional and spiritual wounds in a deeply personal way, transforming their lives in the process. Her devotion to this belief led her to years of study in energy medicine and how it could be easily translated for use in contemporary society. Her primary teachers include Alberto Villoldo and Anodea Judith, blending the traditions and theories of Eastern, Western and indigenous medicine. Suzannah holds a BA in Psychology and Post Graduate work in Social Work, with an emphasis on community organization.

Suzannah’s diverse background allows her to create a unique experience for her clients, filled with rich experiential work and deep insights as they discover who they are and move into their authentic life paths. An advocate of lifelong learning, she has done extensive personal growth work and strives to come from a place of integrity and compassion, recognizing that she can only take her clients as far as she is willing to go herself.

Suzannah has had a private practice for more than 15 years, working with individuals who are in life transition, experiencing depression, anxiety, overwhelm, auto-immune disorders, chronic pain, grief and stress. She has developed and led workshops , retreats and ceremonies for individuals and groups. She works with clients from Western North Carolina and from across the United States and Canada.

Originally from the Boston area, Suzannah now resides in Asheville, North Carolina, a mecca for cultural creatives, with her beloved husband Tebbe, their pups Lil Dude and Kokopeli and Racket the Cat. Inspired by the exquisite beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Suzannah has embraced her life with exuberance, exploring the mountains, rivers and waterfalls of Western North Carolina and continuing to visit the Sea.

By awakening to her life purpose, Suzannah is living a life of abundance and joy.

May you awaken to the alchemy of your Soul’s Calling and be the Greatness you are here to be.